FOLLOW-UP SURVEY: You will have received an email inviting you to complete the follow-up survey. This will be the only follow-up survey that you will be asked to complete. You will first be asked to renew your consent to participate in the study. The email you received will contain a link that will allow you to access the survey and to re-enter it if you want to come back to it at another time. Any questions you have answered, up until the last page that you clicked “Next”, will be saved.  You can go back into the survey using the link provided in the email from FluidSurveys and will have to click “Next” until you get to the last page that was saved. To complete the survey, click “Submit”. Once you click “Submit” you will not be able to re-enter the survey. If you have any technical difficulties while taking this survey, please contact Lynda Balneaves at or Rielle Capler at for support.